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In Spite Of

by for your health

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brake light shards scattered in the brush dead seeds, a monument to nothing sun-faded headshots, so easy to forget the aftermath of skidmarks veering to the left a dormant intention chained to the bottom of a sunken spaceship drifts endlessly out of reach as a silent informant gasps for air ancestral visions sinking out of frame “where do they go?” and “is it all the same?” this callous world beats upon my threadbare heart should i cut the strings or patch it up? all’s well that ends well, but what if ending never comes?
you could shoot yourself in the chest for every time you’ve followed through and still only have half a heart toothless impotent unavailing inadequate cowardly and vain you said nosebleeds aren’t so fucking scary i’d probably get under your skin if you still had any left
obsidian eyes lay stoic against construction paper skies does nothing move you yet? iris shuttered, filled with pain by cruel vivisection, these stigmata constellate fragile ego splinters and cracks under the weight the weight of weightlessness you couldn’t bear to wait for to scatter as doves on high formlessness forming suspended minefields effervescent and childlike float inwards towards vacuity angels sing of gracious release
wretched stalwart, turn a blind eye this all comes to pass the canary croaked long before the mine good company’s just so hard to find memories doused in atrophy spark lit apathy, i guess dystopic ardor lends a hand the end of this is the end of man
straw didn’t break the camel’s back just a boot on it’s neck and a billion whip cracks automatons march thousand yard stairwells eyes cast from deliverance die cast consciousness fades away intoxicating machinations catalyze unsolicited geneses resulting in resounding tumult, at first light like cattle lies ripe for slaughter vile homunculi guide the scalpel through seas of aught sectioned by mourning rites lest sunlight cauterize waxen skin and brimming foam digest newborn pinions icarus, fly by night
hoist your head up high to soak up all this poison it’s never a surprise how you’re always poised to revel in demise it looks so good on you... though in falling stars lie greatest venom you can wish for death it’s safer than what finds you next the worst kind of weapon is the one that bleeds and you bear that fucker inbetween your teeth bite down, spare us the trouble bloodstains line your vintage apparel down asking price, what a shame but breath new life in social ekg
i find beauty in the darkest things so this ugly love might move me you can’t drown with a hole in your chest until i share a laugh with keiko, pitter patter goes my dripping heart xo on the dotted line latticed bodies breed creeping vines to smother grotesque brick with midnight affidavits and a promise to never leave it bloody writs and broken wrists for all the time spent penning this i find beauty in the darkest things so this ugly love might move me you can’t drown with a hole in your chest until i share a laugh with keiko, pitter patter goes my dripping heart
meet me in this godless confessional and fill me with the latest inhumanity how an emotional amputee takes a leap of faith in a fucking trebuchet happiness is the event horizon
carceral intent is all that you protect compassion is the brick that missed your precious little head i hear the healthcare is to die for though so lay down, take a bite curbside dentistry is top of the line they tell you, “suicide is never the answer” as if every pig wouldn’t look better with a gaping hole in the back of the head and a newly widowed in my bed pulling teeth has never been so chic
“labor is entitled to all it creates,” so with labored breath i might draw the curtains and give you all a real show-stopper jobs like these end in heart failure and not for lack of trying bite the hand that feeds bite it hard these are reparations in flesh pierce: you kill chief, now you meat, you killed chief, then you’re meat looks like you’re back on the menu
halt your advances, brave conscripts, for danger lies dead ahead these castle walls can’t take much more this bloodshed could fill ten abbatoirs three hail mary’s on a shell casing rosary just to rest my weary head and let me tell you something, we are cut from the same cloth and that cloth just so happens to be on fire excuse me, i’ve been rude, i’ve lost some manners along the way but i shan’t keep you a second longer welcome to your new home though a picture’s worth a thousand words i’d never need that many to spell this out these photographs are epitaphs of a love of life so grim and black ember tongues the curtain with a final grand jeté comes coda of a heart and soul so atrophied at last ash will decorate your lungs.


Debut LP from Columbus, Ohio's For Your Health.


released February 12, 2021

Additional vocal performances on tracks three and eight by Alex Walsh, on track four by Owen Traynor, on track five by Jake Yencik, lyrical and vocal performance on track eleven by Pierce Jordan. Tambourine performance on track four by Ryan Yester

Recorded, produced, engineered and mixed by Owen Traynor
Mastered by Brad Boatright (Audiosiege)

Album art composed by Simona Morales
Photography by Stone Fenk
Live photography by Olivia Keasling
Layout and design by Ilija Necovski
Art directed by Hayden Rodriguez


all rights reserved



for your health Columbus, Ohio

violence from columbus, ohio.

debut lp "in spite of" out 2/12/21 on twelve gauge records

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